Month: July 2021

Disneyland moves song ‘Move’

A video posted by Disneyland (@discoverDisneyland) on Feb 24, 2018 at 10:59am PST Disneyland’s official song “Move” has been added to the Disneyland park’s official Spotify playlist.The song has been a hit since it debuted last summer on Spotify, and now it’s added to Spotify’s official Disneyland playlist.It’s the latest Disneyland song to be added […]

When does the Sexy move stop?

From the Sydney Morning Herald: When you’re on the prowl for a new apartment, do you want to know if your rent is going to jump or fall?Or are you ready to start shopping?The answer to both of these questions depends on the type of tenant, as well as the type and number of rooms […]

Which movies should you see on Netflix?

When it comes to Netflix, there’s only one thing for sure: movies are getting better.With a huge lineup of movies, shows, and documentaries, it’s no wonder Netflix has become the top streaming service in the world.So, what do you need to know to watch these amazing movies?Well, there are plenty of streaming services out there, […]

Why do chess moves move names?

Moves names are a common part of a chess player’s repertoire.But how does it work?The names of moves can be changed by the players in their matches and the move is not recorded in a chess database, so they don’t need to worry about who or what is on the board.But they are often seen […]

Best sex moves for guys who have never masturbated before

Best sex positions for men, for both sexes, are now available on, with users voting for their favorite.“This is the best time to masturbate,” one user wrote, with the results unsurprisingly revealing a wide variety of sexual positions.Some, such as kneeling on the floor, were so popular they attracted more than a dozen votes.The […]