AT&t, Verizon, and other major U.S. wireless providers are offering incentives to new customers to switch to their new service plans.

These incentives include Amazon move promotional and Amazon move service.

AT&ts new move promo also includes unlimited talk and text on the same device as the customer’s old plan, as well as other perks, such as a free two-month trial on all of AT&Ts newest smartphones and tablets.

Verizon and AT &T offer free two month trial on new smartphones and $10/mo on other new devices.

Verizon also offers a $15/mo bonus for new customers and $50/mo for existing customers.

The move promo is available on most of Verizon’s network.

The AT&s move promo comes with free talk and texting and a $10 Amazon gift card.

Both AT& T and Verizon are offering free two months on new devices, with the bonus being for existing AT& t customers.

Amazon move promotion is available to new AT&td subscribers.

AT >T also offers free two year on new phones and $60/mo with a $50 Amazon gift Card.

AT’ s new move promotional includes unlimited data and talk and texts on the new AT <T phone.

The AT>t move promo will be available to all existing AT’ t and Verizon customers who sign up for a new AT’&gt ;T account, as of March 23, 2017.

AT’s new move promotion will be offered to new and existing AT users who are eligible to sign up to the new account, which is available through the Verizon and AT’lt;t websites.

Verify that you have the new service plan and that you are eligible for AT<ts move promo.

You can verify your eligibility by visiting the Verizon &lt’ s website or by calling the AT&tt;T Customer Service number (1-800-829-3600) or by going to AT&t’s website at or at www://us.att/