The world’s biggest online retailer has moved up to second place in the UK market for the second consecutive year, overtaking as the UK’s second biggest online buyer and retailer.

The UK’s largest online retailer, which is based in Seattle, said it was also the biggest in the US and Canada.

Amazon moved to second in the survey, followed by Netflix and the Gap.

The survey was carried out by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, which also found Amazon had become the biggest seller of UK clothing in the past year, beating out the likes of Tesco and Lidl.

Amazon, which has more than 30 million UK retail stores, said the rise in its sales and sales growth was due to the launch of its Prime service in the country in April.

Amazon Prime launched in the United Kingdom in April 2016.

The Prime service allows customers to save money on the cost of their own purchases.

The company said it had sold more than 13 million Prime members in the first three months of the year.

The results will be released on Friday.

“We’re delighted to see Amazon moving up in our rankings, which means it’s now second to the US for UK retail sales,” Amazon said in a statement.

“In the UK, Prime has helped Amazon to drive sales and growth to unprecedented levels, and Prime has been the fastest growing digital retail platform in the world.”

Amazon has become the UK second largest online seller of clothing, behind Tesco, as well as being the second biggest in Canada.

The retailer’s UK retail division is the second largest after Tesco’s UK department store arm, which employs around 200,000 people.

Amazon has been heavily investing in the new Prime service, with Prime Now, Prime Pantry, Prime Club and Prime Trolley all being launched in Britain.

Amazon also announced plans to launch a new TV service in 2019.

“Our retail team has already seen tremendous success with Prime members and Prime Pantries, so we’re proud to see Prime Now and Prime Club coming to our UK stores in 2019,” Amazon UK chief executive John Linder said in the statement. 

The survey of online retailers also found that Amazon was the UK retailer with the most successful return on investment in the last 12 months.

Amazon was fourth in the rankings, behind only Walmart and Best Buy.

Amazon said its UK business had seen record sales of $1.3 billion ($1.1 billion) in the 12 months to June 30, 2018.

Amazon’s UK business has also grown by more than 3 per cent since the start of the financial year, compared with the same period last year, Amazon said.

Amazon also topped the charts for the number of customers signing up for a new Amazon Prime membership every day.

Its UK business recorded more than 100 million Prime membership renewals, compared to its US business, which recorded more 70 million.

Amazon announced a series of deals on Tuesday with the likes Ofcom and the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS).

The company also announced a £4.6 billion investment in its UK digital business.

Amazon launched Prime Now last year in the capital, London.

Prime Now allows customers save money at Amazon’s online store by making purchases via Prime, with Amazon paying for the delivery of the item to its warehouses in the region.

The initiative allows Prime members to get items delivered within 30 minutes.

In the past, Amazon had faced criticism from its customers for the way it operates its retail stores.

In April, the company said its stores in the U.K. were less than 50 per cent full on average.

However, customers have been increasingly turning to Amazon Prime to make purchases online.

In the first quarter of this year, Prime membership increased by 4 per cent, to about 3 million people.

While Prime has come under scrutiny for its pricing, the firm has defended its business model, saying it helps consumers save money by saving on their postage and packaging.