When Sony’s PlayStation Move controller first debuted in 2014, gamers were left scratching their heads as to how it worked.

The controllers were initially meant for use with the PlayStation Move motion controllers, but were then marketed as the “PlayStation Move Motion Controller”.

This meant that gamers had to move their controllers around the game world in order to interact with the characters and enemies that were presented to them.

However, the Move controllers are designed to interact primarily with the screen.

The controller can be used to move your character or your avatar across a level, move around the environment and interact with objects such as buildings.

The PlayStation Move controllers can be attached to a PlayStation 4 gamepad for additional functionality, but there is no built-in motion controller support.

The PS4 has a number of different ways to move its controllers, from the standard controller attachment to a DualShock 4 controller.

While some games can be played on the PS4 using the traditional controller, there are also a number that require you to use the Move motion controller to interact.

These include Super Mario Odyssey and The Last of Us Remastered, as well as the upcoming game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

How to move PS4 controllers The first thing you need to do to move the PS Move controllers around is to install a PS4 Motion Controller SDK.

If you have already got the SDK installed, you’ll need to add the Move Motion controller to your device’s PS4 menu.

The first time you plug in a PS Move controller, it will automatically ask you for your name and password.

Once you have done that, you can then connect your controller to the PS 4 via the PS Menu.

The Move Motion controllers work by using the DualShock4 motion sensor, which is located on the back of the controller.

The sensor is sensitive to a small area on the controller, which sends signals to the gamepad, allowing the game to control the controller’s movement.

It’s important to note that while a Dual Shock 4 controller works great for some games, it does not work in all games.

You’ll need a Dualshock4 to use it, but you can also use the PlayStation 4 Pro controller, and the Xbox One controller.

To move the controller from your controller dock to your PS 4 gamepads, simply pull the Dualshock 4 cord out from the Dual Shock four port.

You can then detach the Dual, Dualshock, or Dualshock Pro controllers from the PS four port and place them onto the PlayStation four gamepad.

If your game requires you to move a controller from one gamepad to another, it’s best to attach the PS controllers to a PS One gamepad and use the PS Pro controller.

After the Move controller is attached, you should be able to move it around your home screen using the PlayStation button or the PS button + Dualshock button.

You should also be able find a few useful games that support moving the PS Motion controllers around, such as Rocket League, Super Mario Run, The Last Guardian, and Dead Island.

You could also use your controller for a bit of other game-play by holding down the PS + PS button while using the PS & Dualshock buttons to move or control a character, or by holding the Dual + PS buttons to jump and crouch.

It should also work with the standard PS4 controller, but the Move Controller SDK can only work with DualShock3 controllers.