Best sex positions for men, for both sexes, are now available on, with users voting for their favorite.

“This is the best time to masturbate,” one user wrote, with the results unsurprisingly revealing a wide variety of sexual positions.

Some, such as kneeling on the floor, were so popular they attracted more than a dozen votes.

The best position for a man, however, was clearly not a kneeling position but a “squat,” with a woman holding the man’s arms.

“The best sex position for guys is a squat,” another user wrote.

“A woman can hold a man’s hands or knees, which he can bend in the most natural way possible.”

The top position, meanwhile, was the “spit”.

The term “spite” was the top vote-getter, with a man receiving a whopping 14,000 votes.

Many commenters suggested that it could be a sign that people don’t like to have sex with men, which is a good thing.

Others suggested that the positions were more for novelty purposes.

There’s a certain logic to this, however.

A few users argued that a man could only take a few turns at a time while masturbating, and that “spitting” can be a great way to build a sweat.

Others, however — some of whom were clearly in it for the novelty of the voting — also questioned the popularity of the positions, as a man would be unable to ejaculate during the masturbation session.

Other commenters took the position that a woman is a better lover than a man.

“I love a woman,” one commenter wrote.

“[But] I have a girlfriend who I really, really want to fuck, and I just can’t have her.”

It seems that many men find a woman’s “tempting” qualities, and the fact that they’re attracted to her in a similar way to a woman, to be more appealing than a woman.

Another commenter noted that a “slut” would be better than a “whore,” with the man having sex with a “loser.”

A third user suggested that “no-strings-attached” relationships are the way to go.

Other users argued the positions are just a “fancy” way of getting men to do something.

“My boyfriend is a pussycat,” one person wrote.

Another, a man who was a virgin when he started watching porn, wrote, “I have a boyfriend who masturbates and I enjoy it.”

Other commenters, however were less charitable, arguing that the position is only for “fun,” and that some people would rather masturbate to a hot girl than to a slut.

One user argued that men are attracted to a “girl that’s a bit hot,” but that “I think a man is a slut too.”

The position also appears to be trending on Reddit, with many users agreeing that it’s a great opportunity for men to get off, with more and more women posting videos of their own masturbating.

One of the most popular videos, however,, was deleted after it was discovered that a video of a woman masturbating was actually uploaded to a porn site.

“There are so many videos of women masturbating that it can be really embarrassing,” one Reddit user wrote in a thread dedicated to the topic.

“They can be very graphic, or you might see them with their mouths wide open and their breasts visible.

This is a bit of a taboo and it can lead to more drama.

I think it’s pretty obvious what the ‘problem’ is and how to solve it.”

A lot of the people commenting on this topic were men, who argued that the “sluts” are just “sick.”

Some of the more “hardcore” commenters, though, argued that “slaves” are far better.

“Slaves are like women in a way,” one woman wrote.

However, it seems that some men may not be as willing to masturbating as they might like.

The post “The worst way to masturbated” also received more than 4,000 comments.

“It’s not my cup of tea, but this is the worst way I’ve ever seen my sex life,” one male user wrote of the post.

“Men do not masturbate in a sexual way, they masturbate with their hands.”

Another user noted that men would prefer to have their penis removed, rather than “spilling their cum on someone’s hand or vagina.”

One user added, “My partner is a woman and we are in a relationship.

I’d rather just go to the toilet.

The idea of me doing that for her would make me sick.”

Many users also suggested that if a man wants to be a “good lover” he should “practice” masturbation, but not in a public place.

“People are so uptight and self-righteous that they can’t admit that there are times when a woman will be better to masturbat with,” one post read. “If a