Football Italy – A supermodel is a super star in Hollywood, but in recent years there’s been a bit of a boom in women-only films, and the idea of the “giggling, gawking, gaga” model has been replaced by the “happily ever after” girl.

And according to a new survey, this new model demographic is a huge draw for movie producers.

A recent study from the film research firm IMDB found that the most popular female-only film was Deadpool.

And the trend is only set to continue.

“When I say ‘giggly, gassy, glamorous’, I don’t mean to imply there is no woman-driven films out there,” said film director David Ayer in a statement.

“What I mean is that there is a real buzz about a certain style of woman-led film.”

Ayer’s words are backed up by the results of the new survey.

In addition to Deadpool, the top five films of 2018 were: Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman: Diana Prince), The Shape of Water (Shape of Water), Deadpool (Deadpool), Wonder Woman 2 (Wonder Women), and Wonder Woman 3 (Wonder Men).

The only film that was not in the top ten was The Jungle Book, which went down to the fourth spot.

There are some important differences between the male-dominated and female-led world of film.

“Women-driven” movies tend to have more action, a more visceral look and a larger budget.

They also tend to be more politically charged, according to IMDB.

And, of course, they’re more often directed by women.

“Women are not the ones directing these films.

Women are the ones making them,” said Ayer.

“The reason why women are so often seen as the directors is because they make the films that have that style of filmmaking, and it’s because they have the money.”

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