Moving to Netflix has become the norm in 2017, with the streaming giant introducing a new service to its catalogue on Tuesday.

Netflix’s new streaming service will allow subscribers to switch between movies and TV shows, and it will offer a new twist to the movie and TV viewing experience.

Netflix also plans to roll out an app called the Netflix Originals section that lets people watch movies they’ve already seen, or the first few episodes of an existing show.

All of this is part of a wider move to allow Netflix users to watch and watch on a wider range of devices, including tablets, phones, and TVs.

Netflix is not making any changes to the way it offers movies and television shows on its service.

“We’re just taking the current system and updating it to make it a little more streamlined and easier to navigate for people who don’t have a Netflix account,” said a Netflix spokesperson in a statement.

Netflix said that the move will make it easier for Netflix users who aren’t yet comfortable with the service to find the best movie or TV show experience.

That includes people who aren: aren’t familiar with the Netflix service, haven’t used Netflix for a while, or aren’t willing to invest in a Netflix subscription.

Netflix says it will not offer any additional add-ons or content on its app for the new service, which will launch this summer.

The Netflix Originations section will be accessible via the Netflix app on iOS and Android.

The service will offer the option to “stream any movie or television show you have already seen,” or to “see any movie you’ve already watched, or any series you’ve watched, on any device you have an account on.”

Netflix also says that it will allow users to skip the first episode of a series, so that they can continue watching the series while waiting for the rest of the series to arrive.

It will also be possible to watch a movie in its entirety without leaving the app, though that will require Netflix subscribers to have a paid Netflix account.