article article A list of all the Pokemon moves for the first generation of Pokemon, starting with the ones that we already know.

It’s sort of a weird list, but we wanted to find a way to make it a little more useful.

So we’ll be listing all the moves that were released in Pokemon XY and Y, as well as some new ones that were not.

We’ll also be giving some stats and a little history about each of them.

We also want to give an idea of what the moves were in the games.

The moves themselves, in their original Japanese versions, were called “Moves”.

We have to admit that we were not happy with the name at first, but now we’re getting closer to the release of the Japanese versions.

The names are actually very similar, but the Japanese names were a little weird because they didn’t always give the same stats for every Pokemon.

Some of the moves actually gave the same stat to the same Pokemon.

So if you’re a veteran Pokemon player and you’ve played every game in the series, you probably recognize some of the names and the moves themselves.

But for those who don’t, the list will give you a good idea of which moves were available in each game.