With the holidays in full swing, a new year means a new season of gaming, and that means a fresh batch of releases for us to get excited about.

We have an all-new year-end list of the top games of 2017 to look forward to, from a range of genres to new IPs.

From indie to blockbuster to the next-gen and beyond, there’s something for everyone, so check out our all-time favourite games of all time to see which games you’ll be playing over the coming months.

For our top picks, we’ve narrowed down the games from our list of our top 10 games of 2016 to pick the games that you might be missing.

There were a few key reasons why we chose to highlight our favourite games this year, as well as the games we didn’t include, but there’s nothing stopping you from finding some fantastic games, and we hope you enjoy them too.

You can also find our review of 2017’s best games, which includes a list of games that made it onto our list.

For the full list of all the top new games this time around, head over to the News.au 2017 New Releases list