MOVED AWAYER Lyrics: [MOVED AWAKENING] Oh, it’s like the first time, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

[MURDER A-GO-GO] Oh yeah, I don’t know, you know?

I’m a murderer.

[STOP WATCHING] Hey, I’m so glad I finally got away.

I know I don- I mean, I know that I shouldn’t have done this, but just, I just, like, I can- I don, I really don’t care.

[PUSHING] I can tell.

[SIGH] You know, I guess, yeah, that would be the end.

[BRAINY] I don?

I can feel my soul in my body, and I’m just so relieved.

[SHOCK] Ohhh, that was, that…that was amazing.

Oh yeah.

Oh, yeah.

You know what, you just gotta be patient, because it’s gonna happen.

[MOAN] I’m sorry, I’ll be okay. [END]