Moving, moving, moving on.

Thats what Movidas, the company that has been pushing the world into a new era of stylish and affordable footwear for more than a decade, wants to hear from you.

The company has launched an ad campaign called Movidas’ Move.

It asks its fans what their favorite move is and the response is, “Move mil, easy dance moves.”

That’s right, Move mil, Move move.

The move is so easy, we think youre going to love it.

Here’s the full trailer:It looks like Movidas is doing what it wants to do, so there’s no real reason to feel uneasy about wearing one.

But we can’t imagine what Movadis’ move could do to your wallet.

This is an entirely new category for the company, so we’re hoping you like the idea of its “Easy Dance Move.”

But if you want to wear a Movadiso hoodie in the city or on a walk, we’re guessing it’s not going to work for you.