After an intense night of partying in a Philly bar, the only thing keeping us awake is a night move.

(It’s like having a dream.)

But if you’re looking for night moves, the music scene has some things you can do to make your night more memorable.

“Night moves” is the latest buzzword to come out of Philly nightlife.

They are not night-time dance moves that are performed at night; they are a kind of “night dance” that are not only performed on the dance floor, but also in a communal environment.

And unlike the night moves that have been performing for years, these night moves are not just performed by a DJ.

Instead, these nights are held on public spaces, like in a public park, or in a hotel room.

This has opened up night moves to a whole new genre of nightlife, which is why we were inspired to create this video to showcase night moves in Philadelphia.

We wanted to make sure that the night move in Philly was as engaging as possible.

We knew that night moves could be fun, but we wanted to take them to the next level.

So, we filmed and edited these night movements with a GoPro Hero3 Black camera.

We also captured some of the night movement performances from different locations around Philadelphia and included the footage for you to check out.

You can find the full video above.

We hope you enjoy the nightmove video, as it is the best of the best in nightlife in Philly.

Have fun and enjoy the video.

-The Philadelpians We hope to see you soon!