Pokemon GO has exploded in popularity since its release, and a new app is coming to help you find the most iconic and elusive Pokemon to catch.

In an effort to find the best Pokemon to evolve in the game, Pokemon GO uses a new approach to finding trainers, rather than a search of the game’s database of locations.

Instead, Pokemon Go asks users to look for Pokemon with special spots on their bodies.

This approach is similar to how Google Maps works, but instead of searching the world for landmarks, PokemonGo searches for Pokemon that appear in specific places, such as in the middle of the ocean.

For example, when you find a new Pokemon, it will likely be located in the water, and when you discover a new location, Pokemon will likely disappear from your area.

For Pokemon Go, you can’t always find a location in the same spot as your Pokemon.

Pokemon Go uses a different approach, which lets you see Pokemon on a map in a specific location.

This is important because many Pokemon are weak to the sun and will have difficulty evolving.

So, if you see a Pokemon that is weak to one of the four main sun types, it may not evolve.

Instead, you’ll want to check out your own surroundings, especially when it comes to water Pokemon.

For example, a Pokemon could be weak to cold or rain, but weak to water.

To see if your Pokemon is weak in a particular location, simply search for the word “water” in the location.

When you find that Pokemon, you should try to capture it, but be sure to leave a good note for your Pokemon’s trainer.

Pokemon GO also uses a Pokemon Trainer app, which you can use to track your Pokemon, so it can learn and evolve them in the future.

Pokemon GO is available now for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

If you want to try it out, you must download the free Pokemon GO app from the Google Play store.