When you search for something on Facebook, it might have been the story you’ve been waiting for.

Now you can get that same article in the News Feed, instead of being forced to go through Facebook’s automated filters, and in a way that makes sense to you.

The social media giant is introducing a feature called the News Lens, which will show you news stories that you have previously viewed.

Facebook’s News Lens will automatically show you stories that have been shared with you, shared to you, or shared by others.

News Lens will also automatically show articles that you’ve previously shared on Facebook or Instagram, and articles that are shared from friends you’ve shared articles with.

With News Lens enabled, you’ll get an easy way to see what stories you’re sharing on Facebook and other social networks, as well as stories that are new and trending in the news.

You can click the NewsLens icon to open the News app.

Click the left navigation bar to select topics you want to see stories about, and then scroll to the bottom of the News feed to view the articles.

You can click on an article to view a full-screen video preview.

To change which stories you want in the Lens, you can click an article, and choose “Show All Stories.”

To change the stories you’ll see when you search, click the top right corner of the Lens.

Here are some tips for News Lens to help you avoid being exposed to fake news: Choose stories that relate to the topic you want News Lens on.

If you want a new story, click on it.

If the story has a tag related to the subject you’re looking for, choose the tag.

If a story has no tags related to that subject, it won’t show up in the lens.

If there are more stories you might want to read, scroll to your top of the feed, and click on the next story.

Choose the topics that interest you News Lens has categories for topics such as “social media” and “tech,” and for topics that relate specifically to you such as: family, sports, music, travel, science, and other related topics.

You will also be able to choose topics that are related to your interests.

Use the “Next” button in the middle of each article to continue reading the article, or click on “Next,” to continue scrolling to the next article.

Select a category for each story you want.

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You don’t have to click the Lens icon, and it’s very similar to how it works on the Newsfeed.

However, unlike the NewsFeed, which shows you articles that have already been shared by other people, News Lens is meant to show you a new article that you haven’t yet read.

What you can see: News Lens automatically shows stories from friends who have shared articles You can also change the categories that show up, like “news stories related” and select the topics you are interested in.

The categories are designed to be more specific to you and help you understand how you can share content with friends and family.

If you want more information about the new News Lens feature, read our post about how to enable the new feature.

How to disable News Lens from Facebook?

You can disable News Lenses in the settings menu, or if you have a lot of friends, you may want to go ahead and disable them.

There are three ways to do this:You can set your News Lens icon to show all stories.

If so, all the stories that show on your News Feed will be shown.

If not, all stories will be displayed in the main News Lens.

You won’t be able change which ones show up. 

You can turn off News Lens in the Facebook app settings, or go to the News tab in your Facebook account.

Finally, you have the option of disabling News Lens entirely.

If that’s not an option for you, you could also disable NewsLens from the Facebook privacy settings.