The Israeli government is planning to move into sex toys that can be used for women by the beginning of the year, the company which operates the store said.

“We are going to begin building a new line of sex toys to help women who need them,” owner of the store, Aydan Zomlot, told AFP news agency.

“The government is very supportive of this project, as it is the most important investment in the country’s future.”

The move comes amid a series of controversies surrounding the new legislation, which comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces mounting criticism for a string of controversial remarks and policies.

The legislation, introduced on Wednesday by the centrist Yesh Atid party and the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party, aims to crack down on sexual harassment, including rape, groping and abuse.

Under the new laws, employers will have to report incidents to police and women will be required to take a mandatory sexual harassment training course.

According to Zomot, who is also the owner of a clothing and jewellery store in Tel Aviv, the new toy line will help increase female employees’ sense of empowerment.

“It’s the biggest step forward in female empowerment in the history of Israel,” she said.

The company, which operates stores in Tel Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ashkelon, will offer the new toys at a cost of around 100 shekels ($7.30), which is cheaper than the average Israeli salary.

“All the employees will have a chance to choose their own color of silicone,” she added.

“If we have to go into business, we are going with pink.”

Zomolt said that the toy line would also be sold in Israel as a gift for women, which has been banned since 2008.

“I will make sure that women get the chance to express themselves as women, in a safe environment,” she told AFP.

“They will be free to express their sexual desire.”