Move controller – one of the most innovative new features on PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 – has made its way onto the PS4, which is said to be more responsive and easier to use than the 360’s.

The move controller is designed to emulate the feeling of a controller with the PS5 and Xbox One’s DualShock 4, which can use the controller to manipulate objects, move objects and activate special effects.

However, unlike the DualShock 5, it is not as flexible as the Dualshock 4, and will require the player to switch between the DualSonic and DualShock modes.

The Move Controller is available as an optional upgrade to the PS Vita and PS Vita Slim.

There are also new controllers available for use with PS4 Pro, which have a more robust built-in motion sensor and more advanced capabilities.

It’s worth noting that Move controllers have been available on PS4 since March, so we should be seeing them arrive sooner rather than later.

We can’t confirm if these controllers will make it to the Switch at launch, but it seems likely that they’ll make it out of beta testing.

PS Vita vs PS4 vs PS Vita – what’s the difference?

As for the PS 4 Pro vs PS 4 Slim, this is the same story.

Both consoles will feature the PS Move controller, so it should be easier to get your hands on a PS4 that can use it.

There is one important difference, though, and that is that the PS PS 4’s motion sensor is the most advanced and flexible out of the three.

It is capable of detecting when the player is looking at an object and then moving it in order to create an effect, something that was only possible on the Dual Shock 4.

The PS4’s Dualshock 5 will still only work in motion mode, however, and not the DualShot mode, which will use the PS 3 DualShock 3’s gyro sensor.

Move controllers will have the option to use the Dual Shot, which allows the user to shoot an object with their thumb, or simply use the button pad to select a shot, and it will also have the ability to be used to manipulate other objects.

It also means that you will be able to use a Move controller in motion to shoot in a 360-degree 360-y direction, as opposed to the traditional DualShot.

However the Dualshot mode only works in 3D, so while it might be better for those that prefer a more cinematic experience, it will still be a little more expensive than a DualShock controller.

The only other difference between the PS and PS4 is that a Move Pro Controller will have an extra feature called PS Camera, which enables the user’s camera to be pointed at objects and other people.

While this is definitely something that will help PS4 owners, it’s not something that most PS3 owners will be happy to get.

PS4 Pros are looking to capture the best of PS3 with PS Move, and the DualShocks have the potential to do just that.

PS Move is expected to arrive later this year, but we can expect it to be launched in a limited time in November.