A yoga instructor in Kerala who was previously a gym instructor in the state is now in a position to help people transform their lives.

Nandita Singh was an avid yoga instructor at the local Kanchipuram Yoga Academy in the village of Kachuram for more than 30 years.

He became the head instructor of the academy in January this year and also the owner of the yoga studio in the town.

“I started with two-day sessions but it was only in July this year that I had the chance to take on a full-time job.

Now, I am in charge of all the students’ classes, coaching them on the basics of the art,” said Singh, adding that the quality of the students is a huge help.

“Since I started working as a yoga instructor, I have been getting many compliments from people, who have come to know me and respect me.

I also get a lot of support from my family.

I love being a yoga teacher and I have enjoyed being able to share my knowledge with the people,” he said.

Nandra Singh (right) with her son Javed (left) after they started yoga in Kacharam last month.

She was a Yoga Instructor at Kanchimathiyaya Yoga Academy, Kachal Pradesh, India.

(Courtesy: Nandita Singh)Singh started out teaching at the age of 10, and started teaching yoga classes at the private academy in 2014.

He had always wanted to do something other than running around in circles, he said, adding he had no money in his pocket.

“When I started teaching at Kachin, it was a new world for me.

We were given a room with a kitchenette, which was the only place in the house to do yoga,” he recalled.

“But when I started my own yoga studio at Kochi in 2016, the quality and the facilities in Kanchi had improved.

We also got a new gym and even the teacher who had started with us could be seen practicing yoga in the garden of the studio,” he added.

In March this year, Singh opened his own studio in Kochibodapuram, about 120 kilometres away from Kachrata and 50 kilometres from Kanchapur.

“Our yoga class is just about 10-15 minutes, but the class takes about an hour to an hour.

We are also offering yoga retreats.

The teachers are trained to teach in the different styles of yoga.

We teach three-four times a week, and we also offer classes for couples and students,” he noted.

Singh said the gym classes have become a huge success.

“We have been able to expand our business and now we are also expanding our classes in Kuching and Kolkata.

We will be opening new studios in all the cities in the next two months,” he concluded.

The Yoga Guru Nandida Singh, founder of Kanchiram Yoga Institute, a yoga school in Kichirambakkam, Kerala.

(Source: NANDITI SINGH)In May this year alone, he opened his second studio in Kochi and added that his studio is also expanding.

“In the last two months, I had a meeting with the government to offer classes in different areas, and I am planning to expand to Kachiram in the near future,” he explained.

“After that, I will also expand my studio in Latur, in the State of Kannur,” he continued.

The most popular Yoga teachers in Kerala: The best in the countrySource: Yoga GuruNanditi Singh (left to right): Nandra Singh, Nanditiram Singh, Javed, Shubhana Singh, Pramod.