Chinese players are named among the World’s Top 10 Chess Players for 2018, as the World Cup of Chess begins in Australia and the Asian Games in Singapore.

The list was released Monday by the World Ranking Federation (WRC), which is the main organiser of the event.

Among the Top 10, the WRC announced five Chinese players, including two world number one players and two world champion players. 

Among them is Shi Guohui, a 22-year-old top-level player who plays in the China Chess Federation. 

In the World Top 10 ranking, Guohui ranks sixth with 4.3 million points. 

The WRC named China’s Taofeng Xu, a 29-year old former World Champion, as its first World Champion in 2018. 

He is followed by Liu Xianfang, who is ranked fourth with 2.4 million points and Huai Zheng, who ranks fifth with 1.6 million points, for the WCL.

The rankings were published in an edition of for each year since 1990.

The World Ranking of Chess is produced by the Chess Federation of China, and the ranking is based on the results of the World Series of Chess (WCS).

China, along with the US, Canada and South Korea, is hosting the World Championships of Chess in 2019.