Moving the husband of a new tenant to New England to undergo sex reassformation surgery has become a hit for New York’s gay rights group MoveOn, with the move getting the support of a former ally.

The move has become the subject of a local radio show and a national news story on ABC News, and a Facebook page called “Movement for Change” has been set up to promote the move.

The move came after MoveOn said in a press release last week that MoveOn had donated $20,000 to support the move, with more to come.

“The move is a testament to MoveOn’s commitment to the fight for fairness and equality for LGBT people across the country,” the group said.

“The move will also help bring LGBT families closer together, and it is our hope that this move will help to build a strong and supportive community of supporters for MoveOn.”

The move, which is set to take place in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, will take place between April and June of 2018.

The move will be supervised by Dr. Benjamin Ginsberg, who has been a friend of MoveOn for several years and is also a member of the board of Moveon for America, a group dedicated to the LGBT community.

The MoveOn statement said that the move is “a powerful testament to the movement’s continued commitment to justice for LGBT Americans.”

“It’s a big step for a community that has been fighting for equality for so long,” MoveOn board member and former mayor Ed Koch said in the press release.

“We’re looking forward to seeing MoveOn move the husband into the New England community where he can start a family, get on with his life, and live his life in the way that he wants.”

In the release, MoveOn called the move “a tremendous opportunity for millions of Americans who face discrimination and violence to get out in the open and take action to improve their lives.”

The announcement comes after Moveon and other LGBT advocacy groups announced last week a nationwide initiative to fight for the rights of transgendered people.