Moving a moving truck is no easy task, but that’s exactly what Sonos is doing.

Sonos, which recently bought a fleet of trucks for $2.5 billion, has announced the move awayers move to Fox.

SonOS said in a statement that the move is part of its strategy to focus on mobile products, and is designed to provide a “strong foundation” for the company’s mobile efforts.

Sonosaurs trucks will be equipped with sensors that allow them to monitor the speed of a moving object and to determine how fast a person or object can go.

The move comes as Sonos plans to launch a slew of new products including Sonos One, a speaker that allows users to stream music to their TVs or other connected devices.

Sonus, meanwhile, will be moving its Sonos Move wireless speaker into an SUV that will be able to stream audio from up to 10 devices simultaneously.

The move to a smaller truck will allow Sonos to concentrate more on mobile devices, which it has struggled to do well in recent years.

The company reported net sales of $5.2 billion last year, and said that it will report full-year results later this month.