NFL is going to create a mobile app to help players find the team they want to play for.

According to a report from ESPN, the NFL will be bringing its move service to the NFL app in 2019.

The app will let players find teams by their hometowns and also by their favorite team from a variety of sports.

The move service will also let fans look up team details from the NFL’s website.

The NFL will add some additional features in 2019 to help users find a team they’re interested in.

For example, the app will show players who are on the move and how far they’re traveling, the time of day they’re at, and the team’s location.

The app will also offer a way for fans to search for teams based on their current position.

The league will offer the service in partnership with the NFL Players Association, which is currently working on a new contract with the players union.

It was reported that the new contract will allow players to work out of a locker room, something that has been an issue with the league’s players union in the past.

The company also said that its move services will be made available to NFL fans through apps and other digital platforms.