The American Conservatives’ David French is calling on Republicans to support Donald Trump for president because “he is the liar and a con artist.”

French, a former chief strategist to Sen. Marco Rubio, said in a Monday column that Trump “has betrayed us.”

“He’s shown himself to be a con man, and his lies and fabrications about his accomplishments and his successes are a big part of the problem,” French said.

“We can no longer trust him as commander-in-chief.”

French wrote that Trump has failed to fulfill his campaign promise to defeat the Islamic State group and has failed at nearly every other issue.

“This election has revealed that his agenda of division and hatred is nothing more than a mirage.

It is the worst mistake he has ever made, and he will be held accountable for it,” French wrote.”

If Republicans reject Donald Trump as president, he will lose the support of the Republican base.

They will lose their political base and the votes of the base they have worked so hard to build.

And he will continue to lose the presidency.”

French also slammed Trump’s decision to use his bully pulpit to criticize a Muslim-American man who was recently fired from a job in his own state, saying he “wasn’t fired because he was Muslim.

He was fired because his Muslimness made him an unsuitable person for the job.””

Trump is a liar and con artist,” he continued.

“He will not change the fact that he’s a con-artist.

He is a con person who will not compromise.

He will not be a president who respects the Constitution or the rule of law.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus also weighed in on the debate, writing on Twitter that Trump is a “false prophet” and a “champion of bigotry.”

“In this campaign, Trump has demonstrated that he is not fit to serve as commander in chief and that he has not learned the lessons of this campaign.

It’s time for Republicans to stand with him, and elect him as president of the United States,” Priebus wrote.