Mark Briscolei is known as a character who is a big fan of wrestling moves, and he’s been a mainstay on TNA Wrestling for years.

The TNA veteran has been known to make his moves on the main roster, but when it comes to the ring, he’s pretty much never been able to pull it off.

Briscoles moves have ranged from his signature splash attack to a few more moves that you may not have seen on TNN.

In the video above, we get a glimpse at Briscos signature move, the move that he is known for.

He is using a spinning motion to hit the top rope with the ring around his neck.

This move was created by TNA to make the ring look more impressive, and you can see a few other different moves from him in the video below.

You can see more of Briscolleis moves in the videos below:The video above shows Briscols signature move that was used in TNA’s Wrestlemania 31 match against AJ Styles.

If you watch closely, you can actually see that Briscolis is using the spinning motion, but the motion is done by his foot instead of his hand.

This was Briscolis idea, and it shows the incredible precision that Brisco is able to produce with his moves.

We also get to see Briscolin’s signature move as well, which was the move where he would hit the ropes with his legs and feet to send a guy flying.

You might not be able to see it, but you can tell that Brispolei was very confident with his move, and that it looked extremely impressive to watch.

Watch Briscolas move in the below video to get a better look at the move.

If you’re not familiar with Mark Brisco, you might be wondering what happened to him after his time on the TNA roster.

In his time off, Brisco had a bit of a falling out with his management company, and while his last episode on TNT aired earlier this year, Briscoledi has not returned to TNA in the last year.

That leaves TNA with a number of options for a new member to take over the spot, and now, the T-Birds are getting one of their own.

You know, after Mark Brisi did his move.TNA recently announced that they have hired John “John Cena” Cena, a former professional wrestler who is now a commentator.

John Cena is a long-time wrestling fan, and TNA has worked hard to build up a history with John Cena, as they worked together on the WWE Hall of Fame and on his Wrestlemania 33 entrance.

He was also part of the TNT reality series, and even had a cameo in the TNN documentary “The World’s Strongest Man.”

TNA also announced that T-Bo, T-Rex, and more will be joining the company in the coming months.

It’s a great move for TNA, and if you haven’t seen TNN, you should give it a look.

If the WWE does decide to keep Brisco on as a member of the company, you could end up seeing him on the Main Event roster sooner rather than later.

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