ESPN announced Thursday that it will move away from a wireless model in 2018.

Sonos has been the home for its NBA Live and NFLX channels since 2018, and now it will be switching to a wireless strategy.

Sono is the only company to have managed this transition so far, according to ESPN.

The move comes after ESPN was rumored to be buying a wireless unit in 2019.

Sonofabrew has been rumored to own a majority stake in Sonos, but it’s not clear what the company plans to do with it.

Son of a Bunch of Companies will also be a major news story.

Son’s new owners, MGP Holdings, are said to be very interested in Son of A Bunch Of Companies, which is a streaming music service.

Son has already made several deals with major brands like Nike, Adidas, and Levi Strauss and is likely interested in more.

Son will also begin selling Sonos speakers in the US, but there are no plans for a nationwide rollout.

Son is the second company to move away for wireless.

Spotify has announced that it is relocating to the US in 2019, but Sonos was not included in that move.