In case you missed it, WWE announced that it’s bringing a PlayStation Move controller to the WWE.

The move controller is designed for people who like to do things with a controller but want to use the TV for more than just watching videos.

We don’t know what the company is going to do with the controller or what kind of games the company will release with it, but it will certainly make watching women wrestlers moves a lot easier.WWE’s move controller will be available for $100.

This is the same price as the WWE 2.0 Pro controller, but the Pro is also available for as low as $30.

The Move controller has an IR blaster and an infrared remote, which can be used to control various devices like TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and more.

The company has also announced a brand new “WWE 2.1” controller for the WWE Network.

It comes with a built-in motion sensor and it’s designed for those who want to move the camera around more than the basic “move” feature. The WWE 2